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The Pineal Gland is a very tiny gland found at the center of your brain, tucked right in between both the left and right hemispheres. The Pineal Gland is more commonly referred to as, "the mind's eye", and in many ways is the brain of your brain. Some people believe this is where your "soul" actually is within your body.

The Pineal Gland has an incredible amount of blood flow through it, second only to the kidney.

It's main function is divvying up hormones, releasing chemicals into your body, moderating neurological activity, developing the reproductive system, and within animals it is the major factor in instinctual things such as sexual development, hibernation, metabolism, and seasonal breeding. Basically, it's a really big deal.

The discovery of the Pineal Gland lead to a drastic leap in Chronobiology (the study of periodic phenomena within living organisms).

Some of the major chemicals the Pineal Gland releases into your body are Melatonin, multiple hormones, and also the very peculiar and mysterious, Dimethyltryptamine.

Dimethyltryptamine (henceforth referred to as DMT) is a chemical found within almost every plant in the world, as well as many animals, including humans.

This chemical serves a specific function as a "neurotransmitter". It's basically an endogenous chemical (which means it is naturally produced by your body) used within the nervous system to transmit signals from neurons to target cells across a synapse. Basically, it moves the information from your brain to your body. Which is very important, but not at all what this article is about.

I'm writing this article because DMT also does something else. It is produced within your Pineal Gland when you are sleeping. It is the reason you experience sometimes vivid hallucinations in your sleep, which we call dreams. Just like any other experience you will go through in life, it can all be explained and broken down to just chemicals and electrical signals in your brain.

Next time you wake up from an amazing dream (that you will unfortunately forget about shortly after you rise from your slumber), you will be amazed know that you know it was spawned from just a tiny, trace amount of the incredible compound, DMT.

Speaking of forgetting your dreams, it's been shown through research that people affected by Alzheimer's Disease have overly calcified Pineal Glands. Calcium has built up around and inside their Pineal Gland, drastically reducing the managerial duties over the person's brain. This is one of the many potential reasons leading to this form of dementia.

Science has also proven that when you are faced with death, your subconscious wants to protect you from the horrors of losing consciousness for eternity, so the Pineal Gland dumps an extremely high dosage of DMT into your system and puts you through an intense "drug trip" through a dream universe that your subconscious controls, for the last few minutes of your life.

I'm sure you've probably heard of someone's story about their near-death experience. Someone was in the hospital, their heart stopped on the operating table, they "saw the light" and/or witnessed an outer-body experience in heaven or the afterlife, only to be stripped away from paradise by medicine and doctors, to retell the ordeal to all of us living mortals.

It's quite a fantastic story, and certainly an interesting pseudo-science to think about. But now, science has proven that yes, all of those "experiences" people go through are one hundred percent real. It's just a chemical induced reality within your mind.

The chemical compound, DMT is also possible to attach to crystals with the expertise of a world class chemist. In doing so, it is possible to smoke the compound with a pipe, and through inhalation you can induce yourself with the hallucination of a near death experience, sometimes being transported to other dimensions, meeting other-worldly beings, and sometimes even unexplainable teleportations through many different universes.
There's a great book on it called DMT: The Spirit Molecule by a doctor named Dr. Rick Strassman. And he did all of these clinical studies at the University of New Mexico on it. And you take this shit, and literally you are transported into another fucking dimension. I don't mean like, you feel like you're in another dimension. I mean you're in another dimension. [...] There's fucking complex geometric patterns moving in synchronous order through the air all around you in three-dimensional space; and it's like they're arteries, except there's not blood pumping through them, there's fucking light--pulsating lights with no boundaries. And you couldn't really understand it. And there's an alien communicating with me. There's a dude who looks like, like sorta like a Thai Buddha, except he's made entirely of energy and there's no, there's no, like, outline to him--he's just one thing. And he's concentrating on me, and he's trying to tell me not to give in to astonishment. Just relax, and try to experience this. And I'm like, 'You gotta be fucking shittin' me.' And I'm a stand up comedian, you know. 'Cos as a stand up comedian, we pride ourselves in being able to describe things. So I'm like, 'How the FUCK am I gonna talk about this?!'
Joe Rogan on the experience of smoking DMT.

There is also a psychoactive brew made by shamans in the Amazon called Ayahuasca, which contains trace elements of the DMT chemical, that can be ingested orally. By drinking the brew, shamans will have intense "DMT trips" experiencing a first-person perspective from the view of the Amazon Forest and it's animals.

Proof of HeavenMy Journey to HeavenTo Heaven and BackHeaven is for Real, and 90 Minutes in Heaven are just a few books written on the subject of dying, experiencing the after life, and being resuscitated.

There are so many people cringing to their religious beliefs because they've heard of stories like the ones in the links above, and it gives them hope. Hope, that there is something bright and wonderful after they die.

All I'm saying is, there is something wonderful when you die, it just doesn't last for an eternity. And to experience this wonderful thing, you don't have to devote your life to being an obnoxious religious nut pushing your beliefs onto your children, other people, or into politics!

In the end, DMT is not only a kind of poignant and simple explanation, it's kind of a universal ending, for everyone.

If you are a Christian and truly believe you'll meet Jesus when you die, guess what? Your subconscious will dictate your DMT hallucination and you will probably imagine yourself meeting Jesus (and believe it too!).

If you're a Muslim and believe you'll get your seventy-two virgins, you will!

If you're a whatever and believe whatever, you will!

So, when it finally is your time to die, just sit back, relax, let the DMT do it's thing... and enjoy the final hurrah as your brain sends you down a crazy rabbit hole, one you don't usually come back from.

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